Sun, 08 Jun 2008

Ride starting Sun Jun 8 11:37:30 2008

40.16 km 131754.87 feet 24.95 mi 9151.00 seconds 152.52 minutes 2.54 hours 9.82 mi/hr

According to my GPS receiver, I went 25.2 miles. It doesn't record every point in the track, but it uses every point to calculate distance. Anyway, I had a nice trip. Went to find an old road I've been wanting to travel on for a few decades. It goes between River Road and Lime Hollow Road. Looks like it might be drivable in a car, but it isn't. The ruts are too deep. A tractor could, and a tractor has, gone down it lately.

Lime Hollow Road has at least three thriving Amish farms on it. Of course, being a Sunday, they were just sitting around, enjoying the day. Just past the first one is Ekey Road. I went west on it a little ways, just to see where it went. Answer: not far, then it becomes a sandy track. I don't know if it goes through or not. It looks like the bridge on the far end, at Dixon Corners, crossing Trout Brook, is still there. I'll check it out one of these days. Today was too hot (in the 90's) to do that.

Came back via the Rutland Trail. Boy, it's getting awfully rooty. Have to figure out how to get the roots out, otherwise some snowmobiler is going to get killed, like happened over in Franklin County a few years ago. Got his front ski caught under a root, the sled flipped, and threw him into a tree.

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