Sun, 08 Jun 2008

Ride starting Sat Jun 7 18:56:07 2008

28.49 km 93486.46 feet 17.71 mi 6066.00 seconds 101.10 minutes 1.69 hours 10.51 mi/hr

Went around Norwood Pond and up to Norfolk, to see what's up there. Noticed that Vermont Railway Systems has been busy with their New York and Ogdensburg Railroad. They built a concrete pad with a depressed area in the middle, over the old main headed up to Waddington. They've got a bulk loader sticking out of the bottom of it. Not obvious what they were off-loading, but the flies sure loved it.

They used to have a car construction shed, with two tracks. Now the tracks are gone and there are new large doors on them. Nice buildings, for certain purposes.

They've moved their Jordan Spreader plow off the siding near the old depot, and have removed the tracks from the siding. Maybe they'll remove the switch next? They also have a "hyrail" brush cutter, which looks like it's got the equivalent to two bush hogs for cutting outside the grade. I didn't see if they had any way to cut inside the grade.

Came back from Norfolk through Knapps Station.

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