Mon, 19 May 2008

Ride starting Sun May 18 10:50:14 2008

26.29 km 86248.47 feet 16.33 mi 5960.00 seconds 99.33 minutes 1.66 hours 9.87 mi/hr

Rode on the Glens Falls Feeder Canal Trail, and the old Champlain Canal Trail. At the north end of the Champlain Canal Trail, it dead-ends at Bend Creek. Doesn't get much use for that reason. The other direction heads towards Fort Edwards. You can still trace the route of the canal through most of Fort Edwards.

Could have turned back and rode back on the trail (which would have been fun), but I decided to come back on the roads. The weather wasn't looking good, was predicted to rain, and I had a computer install to do at my mother-in-law's.

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