Mon, 19 May 2008

Ride starting Sun May 18 08:52:00 2008

1.92 km 6310.10 feet 1.20 mi 2056.00 seconds 34.27 minutes 0.57 hours 2.09 mi/hr

Sigh. I attempted to bicycle the Tahawus (North Creek) branch of the D&H, starting at Rt28. There was a fair bit of brush, both overhanging and growing within the grade. I could have dealt with that, however, the ballast was not well-regulated and the bike tire kept hanging up in the gaps between the ties. I ended going up just past the curve.

That could be a really nice place to ride a railbike, however. It's all very pretty woods. Found a couple of interesting things: there are some broken-open batteries presumably spewing lead courtesy of acid rain, sitting next to a battery box. The old telegraph line is still in place, sticking up with its wires through the trees and brush. A ten foot section of rail was sitting off to one side. The maker's date is 1924. Lackawanna OH process.

There's much less overhanging brush and brush within the grade on the south side of the road. A stop sign facing back along the railbed says that snowmobilers use that part. Broken and trimmed branches says that some of them continue on the north side, but they can't be having too much fun. They ought to come through in the summer and trim back the brush. Their efforts would be repaid in the winter with a pleasant ride.

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