Sat, 05 Apr 2008

Ride starting Sat Apr 5 13:20:59 2008

21.14 km 69357.60 feet 13.14 mi 4039.00 seconds 67.32 minutes 1.12 hours 11.71 mi/hr

First ride of the season! Yay! And at a decent pace, too. Not bad for being off the pedals for 4.5 months (last ride was 18 Nov 2007). I felt pretty good. Got to the point on the map labelled "Southville State Forest" and considered continuing south and around through Potsdam. Would have made it about a twenty mile ride. Butt was a little sore, though, so I decided not to be a weekend hero. Better to be able to go for another ride. Plus, I'm thinking about riding the Catskill Scenic Trail next weekend.

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