Sun, 18 Nov 2007

Ride starting Sat Nov 17 15:26:37 2007

20.81 km 68265.48 feet 12.93 mi 6306.00 seconds 105.10 minutes 1.75 hours 7.38 mi/hr

Rode up to Norwood today for two purposes. First, to check out an old race track, visible on the DOQ aerial photo. On the ground? Nothing. It is completely grown over, and what isn't grown over is flooded. Thank you, Mr. Beaver. Ran into Mr. Franklin Pierce. No, not the 14th President of the United States, but somebody who lives in the area. Like me, he also has been improving the Rutland Trail.

Second purpose was to see if somebody was logging on the road behind our house. Indeed, yes! And one of the things they've done has been to clear out the brush from the old road going across the wetland. I was able to bicycle down to the level of the wetland, and there's a path wending its way to the creek that runs through the wetland. Unfortunately, the bridge is missing, and it was way too cold to consider going through the water.

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