Mon, 09 Jul 2007

Ride starting Fri Jul 6 10:20:00 2007

32.77 km 107512.93 feet 20.36 mi 9391.00 seconds 156.52 minutes 2.61 hours 7.81 mi/hr

Friday's ride was supposed to be a repeat of Wednesday's ride, except that we made a wrong turn. Stayed on Quarry and missed the turn to River. This necessitated a mid-ride change in plans, so we went north on Glover to Highwaya FF, went a little west, and came south on Townsvalley. Crossed the old railroad grade three times, but only the first was obviously a railroad grade.

I went about 93.5 miles during the Gathering, and if you add in the informal riding, I'm sure I went over 100 miles.

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