Fri, 15 Jun 2007

Ride starting Thu Jun 14 18:41:18 2007

27.22 km 89309.79 feet 16.91 mi 7036.00 seconds 117.27 minutes 1.95 hours 8.65 mi/hr

This ride was an out and back on the Airline Trail. As they say on the website, the North portion of the trail, from Willilmantic to the MA border, is less well developed. It's paved for a while on the northeast side of Willimantic, then it turns to rock dust, then it's completely undeveloped. In this particular case, that means that the drainage ditches have not been repaired, and so the water runs down the middle of the trail. As it does so, it sifts out the fines from the fill. You end up with some very sandy sections interspersed with very rocky sections. I turned back when it started getting dark and when the trail started getting too undeveloped.

By the time I got back to Willimantic, it wasn't quite as dark as I had feared and I wasn't as tired either. So I headed west to the Eastern Connecticut Railroad Museum. Looks like a very nice small museum. They've got a six bay roundhouse, a turntable, a selection of buildings moved there, and some track and rolling stock.

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