Fri, 08 Jun 2007

Ride starting Fri Jun 8 11:48:06 2007

14.17 km 46476.85 feet 8.80 mi 2700.00 seconds 45.00 minutes 0.75 hours 11.74 mi/hr

Out and back ride, to Mom's Schoolhouse Diner for lunch. Above was out, below is back. The mileage differs because my Garmin Foretrex samples between every five and ten seconds. Depending on how many turns you take, this can introduce significant variability even in identical routes.

14.34 km 47045.21 feet 8.91 mi 2667.00 seconds 44.45 minutes 0.74 hours 12.03 mi/hr

Interestingly, even though one direction was upwind and the other down, both legs took the same amount of time, within 33 seconds.

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