Fri, 20 Apr 2007

Ride starting Fri Apr 20 15:37:47 2007

27.14 km 89030.29 feet 16.86 mi 6300.00 seconds 105.00 minutes 1.75 hours 9.64 mi/hr

Went for my first ride on the Rutland Trail today. Lots of puddles. Lots and LOTS of puddles. Fortunately, the surface of the trail itself is pretty hard, so if you don't mind getting wet feet, you can just ride through the puddles. I did, today, a little. Need to go out with a shovel and clear some of the drainage ditches I cleared last year, sigh.

The construction elves have been busy. They rebuilt the bridge near the Crane Road intersection. I expect this is the Tri-Town ATV riders, not actual North Country wee folk. If I seriously believed that the wee folk were at work, I would go to the worst of the mudpits and leave some libation as an offering. Also, Nils Petersen's group went out and removed an old fridge from a drainage ditch, and did a lot of clearing work. They dug through a huge mound of earth blocking the drainage ditch, forcing the water to run down the trail. It will still need a pile of fill, but at least the water is running the correct way now.

I often say that I'm the loudest thing out on the trail, but this time of the year, the peepers are much louder than me.

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