Sat, 28 Oct 2006

Ride starting Fri Oct 27 16:13:24 2006

20.77 km 68148.54 feet 12.91 mi 5723.00 seconds 95.38 minutes 1.59 hours 8.12 mi/hr

Went up to Norwood today, to look for an old track in the railroad yard. I went to the place I thought it was, and yes, it surely looks like there used to be a track there, more than 100 years ago. Over time, railbeds that used to look pretty sturdy get their rocks and soil moved around by plants and erosion. Plus the ties they used rotted fairly quickly (10 years) and often weren't ballasted. Go look at the aerial photo and judge for yourself. Looking at it in person, there is definitely a hump where it looks like a track curving to the south.

Stupid GPS lost its fix until I turned the corner onto Route 56, so the trip was more like 16 miles than the 13 my GPS receiver recorded.

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