Sun, 10 Sep 2006

Ride starting Sun Sep 10 16:10:06 2006

36.37 km 119322.53 feet 22.60 mi 9783.00 seconds 163.05 minutes 2.72 hours 8.32 mi/hr

Went out and back on the Rutland Trail. Surprised that there were so few people on the trail on such a beautiful day. I saw one couple on an ATV, a family on four ATVs, one other bicyclist (but close to Winthrop -- he didn't seem prepared to go any distance), and two walkers. Trail was nearly dry the entire way. Only two puddles with visible water.

Saw two date nails in ties used to make a bridge. Gonna pull 'em since they're facing upwards and going to get worn away eventually. The visible one was "30", which usually means 1930. That's one old tie! Of course, when the Rutland ceased operation in 1963 it was only 33 years old; a relatively new tie. It's been 43 years since the Rutland used that tie.

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