Tue, 18 Jul 2006

Ride starting Tue Jul 18 19:29:43 2006

26.40 km 86628.58 feet 16.41 mi 4626.00 seconds 77.10 minutes 1.28 hours 12.77 mi/hr

Sigh. Silly GPS receiver only keeps a sample of points so it undercounts the distance slightly. Coming down the hill towards my driveway I saw an average speed of 13.00 mi/hr on the GPS. Went for a slightly different ride today. Headed up towards Stockholm Center. There's a sheep farm near there, and on the way past, I was baaaaaaa'ing at the sheep. The shepherd heard me baaaaaa'ing from the road and whipped his head around as if he though a sheep was out of the pen and on the road. Hehe. Gotcha!

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