Fri, 02 Sep 2005

Ride starting Fri Sep 2 18:45:31 2005

18.68 km 61302.24 feet 11.61 mi 4710.00 seconds 78.50 minutes 1.31 hours 8.87 mi/hr

Wow. Almost rode in a perfect square tonight. Or, at least as perfect a square as one CAN ride here in the North Country of New York where the roads are aligned with whatever pattern of dirt the glaciers decided to leave lying around. Cleaned up some Hurricane Katarina debris off the Rutland Trail. Met a father and son riding ATVs east as I was riding west. Told them about the RTP grant that the Rutland Trail received, and about the website.

There is a tree down on the trail, mostly blocking it. Too big to move, needs chainsawing. I put an X on the map at the location of the tree, slightly east of North Stockholm. UPDATE 9/3: chainsawed the tree out of the way.

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