Fri, 02 Sep 2005

Ride starting Thu Sep 1 15:47:07 2005

18.01 km 59074.83 feet 11.19 mi 5616.00 seconds 93.60 minutes 1.56 hours 7.17 mi/hr

Biked into town (Thumbnail) to run errands. Had to Express Mail (Thumbnail) off an NDA (Thumbnail) to Broadcom (Thumbnail) . They want a packet driver (Thumbnail) , undoubtedly for a customer making a cash register for McDonald's (Thumbnail) . Also mailed off a T-shirt (Thumbnail) to Colin Viebrock (Thumbnail) , who devised the OSI logo (Thumbnail) in the first place. Then on to Potsdam State
(Thumbnail) to drop off a contract they'd mistakenly mailed to us in Heather (Thumbnail) 's Beginning Knitting packet. Then on to the bank (Thumbnail) to get money (Thumbnail) after going bankrupt at State Fair (Thumbnail) . And finally on to Jimmy Sheehan's (Thumbnail) to pay the monthly rent on the wireless base
station (Thumbnail) .

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