Sat, 23 Jul 2005

Ride starting Sat Jul 23 19:56:49 2005

26.67 km 87487.55 feet 16.57 mi 5218.00 seconds 86.97 minutes 1.45 hours 11.43 mi/hr

Whoopsies! Started this ride way too late. Should have gone on a much shorter ride. Ended up coming home in the dark. Like "headlights on and invisible to cars" dark. Oh well. It was an excellent ride, including two very much back roads.

Holding to a philosophy of riding whenever the weather permits, I am learning something about myself. I really really enjoy the feeling of being out on the road pumping the pedals. The beautiful landscape, the physical challenge, the attention to breathing, all make me very happy. And yet, I find that I have a certain reluctance to get on the saddle. I don't think the word "laziness" describes it adequately, although it would be easy to use that word. I think it may be a desire to do all the other things that I could be doing, e.g. blogging, or reading, or surfing the web.

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