Wed, 06 Jul 2005

Ride starting Wed Jul 6 14:36:14 2005

83.22 km 273040.22 feet 51.71 mi 18998.00 seconds 316.63 minutes 5.28 hours 9.80 mi/hr

Rode the New River Trail. It's a former Norfolk Southern railbed from Pulaski to Galax and Fries. We rode the longer section from Galax to Pulaski. The line to Fries is only five miles long, so we didn't ride any portion of it. We (David Boynton and I) rode nearly 52 miles. The intrepid bicyclists before setting out:

David Boynton and I (Thumbnail)

The first tunnel is along the Chestnut River. You can see that Dave is swallowed up by the tunnel entrance:

Dave (Thumbnail)

It appears as if the tunnel continues on forever in the pitch-black. However, before you run out of light from the entrance, the tunnel curves enough to let you see the exit:

The exit from the entrance (Thumbnail)

I really like this picture of Dave riding out of the tunnel:

The exit from the entrance (Thumbnail)

Dave took a picture of me exiting the tunnel:

Me at the exit (Thumbnail)

We took a break at Fries Junction:

Fries Junction (Thumbnail)

You can get a sense of how pretty the trail is from this picture:

Pretty trail (Thumbnail)

The second tunnel, along the New River:

Second tunnel (Thumbnail)

It started to rain after that, and I had to stop taking pictures. The ride was downhill to the point where it left the New River to connect to the north-south line through Pulaski. All in all a very pleasant, but tiring ride.

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