Wed, 22 Jun 2005

Ride starting Wed Jun 22 19:07:25 2005

29.00 km 95148.06 feet 18.02 mi 6545.00 seconds 109.08 minutes 1.82 hours 9.91 mi/hr

Went out on the Rutland again today. I'm writing a letter to the Town of Stockholm supervisor, asking him to spend some of the grant money on filling in the worst mudholes. In order to do that, though, I have to tell him where they are. So today was a survey of the worst parts of the trail. And then, on the way back, I decided to explore an old road intersecting the trail. So after I left the Rutland, I rode northwest for a bit on an abandoned road. Then it intersected with a dirt road that I rode up to the highway, and then over to Cook Rd back to "North Stockholm" aka Knapps Station.

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