Sun, 12 Jun 2005

Ride starting Sat Jun 11 19:45:07 2005

28.78 km 94414.65 feet 17.88 mi 5890.00 seconds 98.17 minutes 1.64 hours 10.93 mi/hr

Way too hot today. Must have hit 90 degrees F, and humid enough to drink it. Waited until late to start the ride so I wouldn't become a crispy critter. Went out on the Rutland Trail. It's been so hot and dry lately that I figured that most of the mudholes had dried up. Mostly, they have. The really bad ones are going to need to be filled in. Got to get the drainage ditches cleared out.

I thought about wading across the West Branch of the St. Regis. In the upper-right of the map, you can see where I went down the road that crosses the river. The bridge was closed and removed some years ago. Probably didn't have enough traffic to justify replacing/repairing it. The river is low enough to easily wade, but there's no good way to get down to the river from the end of the road. I'll look at it from the other side some time.

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