Sat, 28 May 2005

Ride starting Fri May 27 19:01:37 2005

23.43 km 76876.86 feet 14.56 mi 6306.00 seconds 105.10 minutes 1.75 hours 8.31 mi/hr

Not a very pretty day out there. Been showering on and off all day. There was a break with some blue sky after dinner, so I took a chance and went for a ride. Got back about ten minutes before the next shower started. Saw a pair of ducks and three ducklings in a wetland (of which we have many in St. Lawrence County). Saw two deer cross the road in front of me, but that's a non-event hardly worth of writing down. Saw a red fox on our front lawn two days ago.

Paid more attention to the position of my heels. Obviously, when clipped in, the balls of my feet cannot move. However, I can move my heels to change the angle of my feet. By fiddling around a bit, moving my heels 1/4" one way or the other, I was able to eliminate the knee pain. So it's not just keeping the knees over the toes; it's also keeping the heels in the right position as well.

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