Mon, 09 May 2005

Ride starting Mon May 9 16:33:25 2005

35.88 km 117704.68 feet 22.29 mi 8817.00 seconds 146.95 minutes 2.45 hours 9.10 mi/hr

Went for my first ride on the Rutland Trail today. Bright, sunny day, temperature in the middle sixties, no bugs. Rode out on the trail and back on the road. Not a bad average speed considering that I stopped several times to clean out clogged ditches, once in Stewarts for a glucose break, and twice to talk to people. There was a pair of women walking on the trail, and a couple riding an ATV. They passed me twice, and on the second time they were stopped, so I chatted them up. Told all of them that I call it the Rutland Trail and they should too. The ATVer (whose name I don't remember, sigh) had seen my Bicycling the Rutland page.

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