Thu, 05 May 2005

Ride starting Thu May 5 19:00:30 2005

13.01 km 42693.23 feet 8.09 mi 2403.00 seconds 40.05 minutes 0.67 hours 12.11 mi/hr

First ride in over two weeks. Weather has either been rainy, cold, or cold and rainy. Blah. Today was nice. Temperature was about sixty degrees, sun shining, birds chirping, mosquitos flying.

GPS receiver isn't perfectly recording the track, and it knows it. It says that I rode 8.19 miles. If I edit the track so that the corners aren't improperly rounded, and calculate the distance, then it is 8.19 miles. Right on the nose. So clearly the GPS has my position around the corners, but its algorithm for storing the track doesn't store the point of maximum curvature. This is the Garmin Foretrex 201. Very small, waterproof, 15-hour Li-Ion battery. Sweet. But doesn't store its tracks perfectly.

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