Tue, 19 Apr 2005

Ride starting Mon Apr 18 15:14:59 2005

18.41 km 60393.70 feet 11.44 mi 4043.00 seconds 67.38 minutes 1.12 hours 10.18 mi/hr

Just went down to Hannawa Falls, instead of waiting for the car's oil change. Rode for a little bit on the Red Sandstone Trail just north of Hannawa. Also rode back behind Clarkson to look at the northernmost remains of the Hannawa Falls railroad. I keep dreaming about restoring the trestle that carried the railroad across the Racquette River. It would be excellent to have a rail-trail which people could ride all the way from Potsdam to Hannawa Falls. I don't ever expect that to happen, but I can dream about it.

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