Fri, 02 Jun 2006

My waterproofed 770 and GPS

I want to use my Nokia 770 with my bluetooth GPS receiver outside. My Garmin Foretrex 201 is waterproofed, but neither is either of these. Plus, the current 770 code turns off the radios when the cover is on. So, there's no way to use it with a bluetooth receiver with the cover on. I don't want it kicking around in my pocket with the screen or buttons (holding down the power button turns the device off) unprotected.

I found the perfect waterproof box in my local grocery store. The 550ml box holds the 770 and GPS receiver perfectly, with just a little bit of foam to keep the 770 from rattling around.. It's labelled "Lock & Lock" by the Hana Co, made in Korea, part number HPL 815. The only online reference I can find for it is in german: Lock und Lock. However, Google to the rescue! Here's the page for the HPL 815 in English.

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