Wed, 10 Jan 2007

N800 Speakers

The N800 has stereo speakers, in comparison to the N770's mono speaker. That alone should make them sound better. But Nokia has done something even more clever. If you look at the position of the speakers, you can see that they're at the bottom of the device, unlike the N770's speaker at the top. A speaker works by moving air. If you can reduce the amount of air that needs to be moved, you'll get better bass response from your speakers. With the integral stand on the N800, and speakers at the bottom, when you place it on any hard surface, you reduce the amount of air by half, and double the bass response.

You can see this for yourself now if you have a N770. Play some music and hold the 770 in free space with the button end down. Now lower it until it's sitting on your desk. Instant big-boy speakers! Well, okay, I exaggerate, but the bass sounds better, doesn't it?

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