Tue, 26 May 2009

Ride starting Tue May 26 16:30:06 2009

19.35 km 63486.54 feet 12.02 mi 3401.00 seconds 56.68 minutes 0.94 hours 12.73 mi/hr

Just a short ride today. Not enough time for a decent ride, but the day was so beautiful I couldn't not ride.

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Mon, 25 May 2009

Ride starting Mon May 25 16:55:11 2009

39.06 km 128146.82 feet 24.27 mi 9903.00 seconds 165.05 minutes 2.75 hours 8.82 mi/hr

Gathered a BUNCH of street addresses along May Rd., Pig St., and the eastern portion of Reynolds Rd. Gonna enter them into OpenStreetMap shortly.

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Wed, 13 May 2009

Ride starting Wed May 13 13:50:04 2009

15.91 km 52188.67 feet 9.88 mi 3898.00 seconds 64.97 minutes 1.08 hours 9.13 mi/hr

Tandem ride. Actually longer than 10 miles because the GPS didn't kick in immediately.

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Tue, 12 May 2009


The government needs to get out of the marrying business. Marriage should be a religious arrangement. Continuous lengthy cohabitation should, absent a contract to the contrary, be a default contract laying out certain rights as would a common-law marriage. Apart from that, the government should have nothing to say.

The controversy over gay marriage should be a lesson to everyone who wants the government to do more in society. Every disagreement comes a reason for political unrest.

The more government interference in civil society, the less civilized and the less peaceful the society.

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Sun, 03 May 2009

Ride starting Sun May 3 17:48:32 2009

31.64 km 103792.16 feet 19.66 mi 8187.00 seconds 136.45 minutes 2.27 hours 8.64 mi/hr

Rode into town to teach Lance Myler how to solder his pipe organ. He has a church-sized pipe organ with at least six banks of pipes. The old console used relays and was getting unreliable.

Also ran into Brent and Rebecca, friends who have moved back into town.

Tried to get Mike Walters (the weenie) to come for a ride with me, but he (the weenie) had to eat dinner. Weenie!

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