Tue, 31 Mar 2009

The Expertise of Politicians

The expertise of politicians lies in getting elected. NOT in governing or for that matter, in running car companies. A little humility, please!

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Wed, 25 Mar 2009

Ride starting Wed Mar 25 16:39:00 2009

28.58 km 93766.47 feet 17.76 mi 7291.00 seconds 121.52 minutes 2.03 hours 8.77 mi/hr

Went on an OpenStreetMap mapping ride. Collected many many street addresses. Filled up the memory of my Columbus V-900 -- or at least the root directory. Fairly warm day, probably in the 50's. A pleasant first ride.

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Looking for an explanation for the Great Recession?

Austrian Economists can explain this recession in the same way that all the other ones are explained:

This is why it's so painful when government stops inflating. But if government doesn't stop inflating, you have Turkey, or Zimbabwe, or Germany in the 30's. What is our government doing right now? Inflating. But inflating doesn't fix anything -- it just postpones the pain. The only fix is if people save money to fund the business expansion. What is Krugman (the moron) telling us that we need to do? Spend, spend, spend, don't save! Except for the fact that every REAL economist will tell you that that's stupid, everyone believes Krugman because back before his brain failed, he got a Nobel Prize.

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Tue, 17 Mar 2009

Ride starting Tue Mar 17 17:00:59 2009

13.15 km 43129.08 feet 8.17 mi 3340.00 seconds 55.67 minutes 0.93 hours 8.80 mi/hr

Heather and I went for our first tandem ride of the year -- my first ride at all. It's been a cold winter. I blame global warming. Just went out on the standard "first ride" route. The only thing interesting I saw was something that wasn't there: melting snow and ice deep in the arbor vitae. It has already melted.

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Wed, 04 Mar 2009

Yes, We Scan

Please lend your support to Carl Malamud's effort to be appointed as the Government Printer, called YesWeScan. He has a history of breaking out closed (or difficult to get) government information. I've known him for over 17 years, and I trust that as the printer of government documents, he will make sure that these documents are also freely available in electronic form. Open Data is the left hand to Open Source's right hand!

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