Fri, 28 Jan 2011

Best Day EVAR!

Wow. Best day chasing railroads evar. EVAR! Like totally EVAR!! Found the Genesee Junction turntable pit, then rode the Genesee Valley Greenway from Scottsville to Piffard!! 36 miles of grassy goodness. With not one, not two, but THREE crossing railroad abutments: the Lehigh, the New York Central, and the Erie's Attica Branch. Plus Lock 5 of the Genesee Canal. And the branch line to Retsof. And the branch line to Garbutt. (Yesterday was pretty good too; nine RR bridges, one Canalway ride, and both the Lehigh North and the Lehigh South). But today was FAR better. Oh, and I forgot to mention the former Genesee Canal aquaduct over the Black Creek, which became the Pennsy bridge, which is now the Genesee Valley Greenway bridge. Two arches; three bridges in one! Oh, and the Lehigh bridge over the Genesee River, which has been converted into a pedestrian/bicycle/horse bridge. See? Best day EVAR!

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