Sat, 12 May 2012

Ride starting Fri May 11 17:29:34 2012

20.61 km 67629.25 feet 12.81 mi 9759.00 seconds 162.65 minutes 2.71 hours 4.72 mi/hr

Went up to Norwood to catch a train carrying windmill blades, each two flatcars long. One of the flat cars carries no weight -- and is just there as a spacer. The entire train was 6000' long, and fully half of it was empty flatcars. The train came from out west, and still have its Union Pacific power (two). They were handing off the train to the New York & Ogdensburg, which was hauling the blades to its port in Ogdensburg. From there, the blades were transferred to trucks.

I don't know how fast they were running most of the trip, but when they were pulling the train into the yard, they were only going 7 miles/hour.

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