Sat, 29 Oct 2011

Ride starting Mon Oct 17 11:14:38 2011

61.81 km 202792.78 feet 38.41 mi 14480.00 seconds 241.33 minutes 4.02 hours 9.55 mi/hr

Rode the Lehigh Valley Trail North, and the Lehigh Valley Trail. They meet at Rochester Junction. Started towards the north end of the North segment. Rode north until the trail petered out. Funny that there were no signs directing you to the continuation of the trail to the north, which I rode back in September 2010. Rode back to the trailhead, then down to Rochester Junction to pick up the LVT. Headed east ... hopefully to the end of the trail. Didn't make it that far; I had other things I wanted to do as well. I'll have to get to Victor anyway, because they have tons and tons of trails, some of them railtrails. Rode west back to Rochester Junction and then to the Genesee River where it meets up with the Genesee Valley Greenway.

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