Mon, 07 Apr 2008

Ride starting Mon Apr 7 16:58:58 2008

16.02 km 52568.27 feet 9.96 mi 2799.00 seconds 46.65 minutes 0.78 hours 12.81 mi/hr

Went up around Knapps Station (labelled as North Stockholm on this map). Checked out the status of the Rutland Trail. On the east side it's still too snowy for ATVers. On the west side I saw ATV tracks. I'm not sure they realize how much damage an ATV does to a soft muddy trail.

On the west side where I crossed Plum Brook, it had overflowed its culvert and was flowing across about 100' of road. The road is more like a dam than a road at that point, and with collecting probably 2000 acres worth of snowmelt, it gains quite a bit of flow in the spring. Both ends of the road were marked "Road Closed". I expect that, though, and was able to bicycle through the couple of inches of water with no problem.

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