Fri, 23 Jun 2006

Ride starting Fri Jun 23 19:22:11 2006

31.66 km 103866.98 feet 19.67 mi 7030.00 seconds 117.17 minutes 1.95 hours 10.07 mi/hr

Went for a late evening ride on the Rutland Trail. Wanted to go all the way to Winthrop, but decided it was just too dark. Good call! I got back at 9:20. Two days after the longest day of the year, that's still pretty late to be expecting daylight. I had the taillight blinking to make sure I was seen.

All of my good work in the spring has held true. The puddles that I drained have stayed drained. Unfortunately, the worst puddle has become so deep that it's below the level of the drainage ditch. It will simply have to be filled up. Fortunately, the Town of Stockholm is planning to do that.

Saw something very disturbing. Somebody (don't remember who) is doing some logging in the state forest along the trail. In some manner that I don't comprehend, they got permission to use the trail to access the landing. And whether they had permission or not, they cut down trees along the railbed, AND scraped the top of the railbed off to the sides, to widen it. That would be fine if they restored the drainage ditches. They didn't. That's bad. The loggers will be finished before anything too bad happens to the trail. In time, the trail will come to have wet spots because the drainage ditch (which was formerly pristine, in that area anyway) is blocked. Those wet spots will become puddles, and the puddles will become a management headache just like all the other puddles.

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