Mon, 22 Sep 2008

Ride starting Sun Sep 21 09:48:54 2008

140.20 km 459967.76 feet 87.12 mi 26691.00 seconds 444.85 minutes 7.41 hours 11.75 mi/hr

Went for a speeder run on the NYS&W, with members of the Volunteer Railroad Association. I don't own a speeder, so I flagged one day, and rode the other.

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Ride starting Mon Sep 22 16:39:05 2008

18.85 km 61840.00 feet 11.71 mi 5070.00 seconds 84.50 minutes 1.41 hours 8.32 mi/hr

A tandem ride with the wife. Longest ride yet!

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Ride starting Sat Sep 20 18:56:32 2008

8.90 km 29186.29 feet 5.53 mi 1872.00 seconds 31.20 minutes 0.52 hours 10.63 mi/hr

Went for a ride on the South Hill Recreation Way. It's part of a railroad switchback which went up the side of South Hill in Ithaca. The switchback was used to get down to the city level of Ithaca, while also being able to get through the hills surrounding the town. Other railroads went up on either side of Cayuga Lake, and another one went on the facing side of the valley from this ride.

The trail itself is very obviously a rail-trail except where they go from the bottom leg directly to the top leg without making use of the switchback. Oops. Rather steep there.

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Ride starting Sat Sep 20 16:56:06 2008

23.41 km 76792.43 feet 14.54 mi 4419.00 seconds 73.65 minutes 1.23 hours 11.85 mi/hr

Rode on the Jim Schug Rail Trail, from Dryden south. I think I actually rode it a little past the official end of the trail, but it wasn't posted. I did stop where it said "No recreational use." although the right-of-way continued as a road. Rode back on 38 into Dryden.

I saw mention of a possible extension of the trail from Dryden to Freeville, so I went on the north side of Dryden. There's a couple of chains, and a pair of sawhorses in the way, but you can ride all the way to Willow Glen. Unfortunately, just short of the next road, the ROW gets all brushed over. I was able to push through the brush, and about three hundred feer further, I can see why. The stupid highway department filled in the cut!?! How much effort and expense would it have taken to put a culvert at the bottom of the cut, through which to run a trail?

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Ride starting Fri Sep 19 11:43:40 2008

15.12 km 49592.87 feet 9.39 mi 3840.00 seconds 64.00 minutes 1.07 hours 8.81 mi/hr

Tandem ride with Heather, replicating an earlier ride because "it's so pretty". Hey, I'm fine with that!

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Ride starting Fri Sep 19 13:04:52 2008

17.57 km 57642.50 feet 10.92 mi 5401.00 seconds 90.02 minutes 1.50 hours 7.28 mi/hr

Rode the Gorge / Link Trail mostly north of Cazenovia. The official trail only goes north, but somebody is mowing the ROW south of the center of Caz. There it runs into a development of nice houses. Too bad they didn't plan to turn the ROW into a trail. It would have joined north and south and made a salable amenity. Oops.

The Gorge Trail only goes up to about Bingley (on the map.) Beyond that it's the Link Trail, part of the North Country Trail. I would have ridden further except that at that point it is signed for only hikers. That's really great for hikers, except that there is no trailhead at that point, and the only evidence of use that far north of Caz are bikers. So they have a nice rail-trail that bikers could use, but it's limited to hikers who aren't using it.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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